Friday, 21 January 2011


Well with the snow finally melting and more importantly the temperature rising above zero (briefly) and finally the introduction of heating in the garage progress has moved on so that the bike is now ride-able!
The first thing that needed resolution was the brake pedal. Although a pedal had been bought with the frame it was unsuitable ( wrong size pivot hole, arm was too short and had less than 5mm movement when mounted before it hit the foot rest) so alternatives were checked out and the neatest solution was to use a Sammy Miller tiger cub stainless lever from the parts bin and reposition the pivot point on the bike.
The very amiable Ady Brayshaw in Halifax 07984 160944 quickly had the new pivot point welded neatly to the bike and whilst he did that I checked out a very nice TY80 tank that he had just painted in petrol proof two pack. The conversation moved to how I was going to paint the frame and Ady agreed to do the job himself the next day and have it back to me within 24 hours for a very reasonable sum. The only downside was that I'd have to have the dry build complete and the bike stripped and back to Ady's within 24 hours...

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