Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Back Together in a Jiffy!

Two weeks down the line since the last post and after an inital flurry getting the alloy welding done on the gearbox and sourcing all the parts for the clutch from Namtab, work forced the bike to take a back seat  but back again this weekend to the garage
First thing was to sort the welded tab, rather than re attach the broken lug the welder had opted to weld a big blob where the lug had been . hoping that it would be stronger repair. Out with the file to flatten the face where the chaincase bolts up and on the reverse to where the nut and washer sit, in just 5 minutes and another pile of alloy filings on the floor. all was neat and tidy.
old plates

The next trick was drilling the mounting hole in the right spot.. not so easy as the bolt mounts blindly into the chaincase so locating the right spot to drill the 'new lug' was a shot in the dark until i had an eurecka moment and out came the chewing gum and onto the face of the new mounting, press the case up to it and hey presto the exact spot to drill.

Simon Bateman Nametab quickly effciently and importantly cheaply, provided amongst other stuff the rubber chaincase to clutch seal. the old one was ' persuaded out' and after fitting the cahincase was offered up to the gearbox/ crank case, there is a little sideways 'adjustment' here as the crankcase  is not quite round so that the timing chain can be 'tightened' so plenty of silicone would be required to prevent muck/ water getting in.
To give it a chance to make a decent seal I put the silicone on and bolted the outer chainceas up so that it all sat nice and square and left well alone for 24hrs to let the silicone 'go off'

engine sproket and timing chain adjuster
Back in the garage the clutch and engine sproket were the next targets, both have to be put on at the same time, with the timing chain. A real job for three hands especially as the  24 clutch bearings are held in by nothing more than the graphite grease.. dont want to lose one of those on the floor! 

new clutch plates and basket
Thankfully all went on easy enough and then the new clutch plates and copper shim went in and the whole lot was tightened up, as per the original service book that I have ( why did they use such small typeface back in the day?) basic adjustment was done of the clutch rod and the fine tuning will wait until  it gets a run out on the Pennines later in the week hopefully.  
kink added to brake rod

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