Saturday, 2 October 2010

How much is scrap aluminium worth?

The postman and UPS have been busy and have dropped off a load more bits and bobs for the bike including spherical bearings for the shock lower mountings, imperial bolts for the engine mounts, rubber washers to mount the rear mudguards and a  rear brake pedal.

I spent a couple of hours head scratching trying to work out how to fit the brake pedal, but as it was built for the frame buy the frame builder and 'bolts straight on..' I assumed that it would .. however the bolts used are larger than the mounting, the arm fouls the sub frame, the mounting fouls the footrest mount, the total movement is only 12mm and the actuating arm is about 60 - 75 mm too short.. so it probably wont see the light of day..

On the other hand small stuff arrives by the bucket and is 100% correct just as ordered. Big shout  out to Namrick for thier imperial nuts/bolts and Simply Bearings for the spherical bearings ( they have a handy calculator on thier site which tells you what size bearings are available, you tell it what sort you want and one of the dimensions and it does the rest) still not quite as impressive as the man at Rochdale Bearings who armed with a well thumbed reference book found the right mix of imperial and metric sizes for the steerer bolt.

So the engine/ box came out and the bolts were machined to length, half the head of the lower mount has to be machined off so that it can clear the chain case. I opened up the engine mounting holes on the rear mount as they were slightly adrift of where they should have been. opening them up to 12mm sorted that out. The engine protector ( a piece of bent bar that protects the front of the chain case) fitted spot on via the front engine mounts.

Then out with the file and Dremel to fabricate an alloy bracket that holds the clutch adjusting screw, the exhaust mounting and with a little thought serves also as the lower mounting point for the rear mudguard! starting off looking a little agricultural within 4 hours it looks smart but importantly is functional and easily adjusted etc. the only downside is that the floor of the garage the workbench and I are all covered in about a hundred weight of alloy filings. Time for the sweeping brush!

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