Wednesday, 2 February 2011

first time out...

Having had extensive post build testing (started bike and pushed it in the back of van) I lugged the bike up to Yorkshire Classic  1st Championship round at Deer Park/ Lady Lane Bingley. 2011 trials
Renowned for rocks and slippy climbs it would prove a decent testing ground  and so it did .

Been the first round of the year there was a fantastic turnout from dabbers such as octogenarian Bill Hill to respected modern bike riders like James Noble, as well as the usual eclectic mix of former works riders, collectors, enthusiastic hopefuls and those who should know better.
The bikes reflect that to, for all the issues elsewhere on eligibility, here's a sensible approach with everything from very trick 2011 cubs to pulled out of the barn oily rigids all broadly within the clubs clear rules.

With riding a new bike and with the venue having a reputation as getting tougher the later you ride I set off smartly and was probably in the first three to do the first half dozen sections. At that point it was obvious that the clutch was slipping badly and that the rear wheel needed tightening up so a quick ride back to the van had the clutch adjusted and the rear spindle adjusted and we were off ( a little too quickly!) the next sections were on the long ride out over the moor in the stream that in previous years had dried up to an almost desert like state of loose dry rocks. However as global warming slips by West Yorkshire the stream was FULL of water and proved a decent test on the steep slippy climb out.

Now the quick 'pit stop' played its hand as I started the second lap and just before I started section 4 with its very steep descent I looked down and saw the rear brake steady was loose ( come off actually) so returned to the van for more 'tweaking' ie new bolts! official photos of the trial

So for a first time out the bike had had some drama but overall the ride was positive the longer wheel base over the Banvill was noticeable on helping to keep to a line and yet the bike still turned well and without the front wheel tucking in. the engine, been a direct transfer was brilliant, I could' nt ask for more (I've no doubt others might but for a dabber it was more than adequate) the fork angle was commented on as steep but having given it a good coat of looking at I think that's down to the yolks which pull the stanchions in a smidge.( don't know if you can see in the snaps.) I do have another pair of billet yolks in the workshop but unless its a problem that's where they will stay.

 So back home quick wash of the bike oil the chain and shes ready to go again.. who said old Brit bikes need lots of attention... as for the rider  Doh! must do better, lose weight, pay attention, get fit, practice more...  the usual excuses.. importantly theres always tomorrow.

Without the file to hand I've put some snaps on from Keighley Gate Preunit trial at the end of last year.. the keen eyed will spot the money grabbing observers building thier college fund!

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