Friday, 4 February 2011

night of the big hammer..

Having  a vaulted ceiling space in the garage has been great for storage it does though have two downsides, firstly when the heating is on it rises up to the eaves keeping the pogo sticks, strimmer et al nice and cosy whilst I suffer in the cold! Secondly although a couple of 58 watt 1.5 meter strip lights are okay, they don't give all the light I crave. Armed with half a dozen sheets of plaster board 10 down lighter and 25m of two core 1.5mm cable and a wiring diagram from my sparky I set to work, and now I have a half complete ceiling complete with 5 down lights over the work bench and I can see clearly ( which is certainly not the verdict my optician offered this morning!)

Following last weeks very rocky trial at Nab End  near Sowerby Bridge I've a couple of issues to deal with.  The new bike stuff,  are the steering bolt needs re adjusting as it comes loose and yet the bolt does'nt seem to have turned so I assume that the taper rollers are bedding further in through the grease, tightening it all up isn't an issue though loosen the yolk bolts, the top snitch bolt and away you go.. 30 seconds of a work plus an hour talking to a neighbour and the jobs done.

There is a pretty nasty noise coming from the chain case so that will have to come off I suspect that the  case isn't on quite right and one of the edges is touching the clutch basket.

The only damage in the trial was to the rear brake lever it took a bite out of a Yarkshire rock and came off second best, so out with the lump hamme, off with the arm and into the big vice, a bit of swearing and hey presto as good as new!

total cost for the weekend
£ 10 join club ( annual fee)
£ 10 entry fee
£ 2.60 2 litres of petrol

Even bigger hammer called for!!
The nasty chaincase noise has been resolved ( hopefully), whipping the cover off the damage was easily visible. The 37a chaincase has little in the way of clearance for the clutch basket and the tangs of the clutch plates and for reasons unknown the little blighters had been rubbing on the inner chaincase. A bit of head scratching and the solution/ reason  wasn't obvious until I tried to refit the case and it would'nt quite go back. The lower case guard at the front of the engine had obviously taken a bit of a thump and moved the outer back by a couple of mm. So in true Yorkshire style out with a delicate lump hammer and seven bells of s##t later and it was back in place allowing the case to be refitted exactly right and thus no more nasty noise .. ding dong!
In metal working mode I had a long bout of a good case of looking at as the brake rod caught my eye and it rubbed the rod in the shock so in the vice with it a natty kink was added and it looks good and does the job

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