Monday, 21 March 2011

Keeping up with the Jones's..

well the bike rode better than ever for the first couple of laps today it pulled terrifically and and rode better than i have ever known, to the point of feeling like a modern bike. ( gulp) The rattly layshaft bearing was conspicuous by its absence and long may it remain so! ( was new oil the cure?)

frustratingly the second half failed to live up to the billing with the chain derailing.. Why the chain continues to derail is now a source of much head scratching.. the chain seems perfectly lined up and is tensioned spot on. the rear spindle is nice and tight and is not moving, the rear bearings are sound I am going to get to the bottom of it sooner rather than later but exactly what the cause is remains an elusive mystery.

 the new fuel filter seems to have done its job. having tried double and even quadruple filters to prevent the very fine sand like deposits in the float bowl and pilot jet i turned to a proper filter, 15 microns and incorporating a magnetic trap.. the cost   99p!!!  a third of the 'sophisticated trials filters and a zillion times more effective. the results though will be available Wednesday i suspect when the thing gets opened up.

 The Hebo auxiliary tank worked an absolute treat no issues whatsoever, a first rate piece of kit it does what it says on the tin no fuss job done. I'd fixed it between the yolks with the supplied re usable zip ties. I removed the original brake cable tidy and used that mount to fix a PJ1 number board to the front of the tank ( plus a zip tie on the other side and I think it looks okay. Piping it up was easy..  two pipes stick out of the top  of the tank one is a simple vent  tube with a hebo breather on the end , the other extends to the bottom of the tank and it was the work seconds to connect that tube to the breather on the Ty80 tank cap.

Next up its the Poachers bag first round of the Classicdirt Bike PJ1 British Bike series and I hope to introduce a new feature to the blog..  POV video of every section! I've been doing some test filming and all been well I hope to use a Contour HD helmet mounted camera to bring the action to the screen. before then the more mundane things like MOT's raise there head but hopefully that will be a gimme.

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