Thursday, 17 March 2011

Something for the Weekend

Having done the normal post trial routine at the weekend ( hose down and cover everything in wd40) Today I’ve been preparing the bike for this weekend or more accurately for the following weekend March the 27th is the Poachers Bag which is the first round of the Classic dirt bike PJ1 British bike series.

General work today then was a deep clean and nut and bolt check, the only loose ones were a fork cap bolt and the rear engine mount needed a tweak other than that all tight as a camels…

The rear chain cleaned up easily as did the chain tensioner it’s clear that the tension is a lot better since last weeks mod so that must be considered a success and cheap!
Moving forward the shocks and springs had a polish as the chrome is starting to show a little wear, they do work very well though and have a very smooth and consistent action.

The chain case cover came off to reveal some water ingress so I cleaned it all up and let it dry out before re oiling the chain and checking the tensioner before putting new silicone on the case edges and tightening it all back up.

Up front, I have fitted my Hebo auxiliary tank; the extra 1.1 litres should ensure that the ty80 tank now has the capacity to drag us round on most trials this season. The standard tank has about 2.5 liters including about 600ml of reserve. If anyone has a pic of how theHebo's pipes should be linked to the TY’s tank cap I would be grateful though…

The front wheel has also been dropped out of the forks to check the bearings, and brake shoes. A year in and the bearings are as new. The front shoes are at least three years old and could do with a refresh but as I don’t expect this wheel to be in beyond the next two trials, they will have to suffice.

Having had the gearbox in bits last time I dropped the oil and it was spotless so filtered it and it went back in… a bit of Yorkshire austerity!
With the bike insured and a test booked, I also painted the rear of the rear guard black in readiness for a little free hand number plate painting just like back in the day! Who says modern pre 65 bikes aren’t authentic!

So the bike is just about ready for this weekend at the Red Rose trial at the attractive former maggot farm above Todmorden, ugly name always windy but only 3 miles away!


g/dad said...

Beginning to look like a winner !!

joke said...

Great work on the bike! There is allway's work on a old brit! great read!